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Serving New Hampshire

With over a decade of experience in campaign strategy and communications, Shaun Doherty is one of the leading personalities in conservative politics in New Hampshire. After two terms in the state legislature, experience in local, state, and national campaigns, Doherty brings a wealth of institutional knowledge and experience to any organization. Beginning in 2003 when he was appointed to serve President Bush's reelection campaign as the youngest town chairman in the country, Doherty has been consistently active in conservative politics. He offers perspective and analysis based on working for a wide array of candidates including from the early days of the Trump campaign to managing the 2022 Republican congressional nominee's campaign in New Hampshire's 2nd District. No one is more in-touch with the mindset and trends of the voters of the Republican party in New Hampshire.

In 2005 and 2007, he worked on the successful campaigns of then-Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta. During the 2008 Presidential Primary, Doherty served as the Youth Chairman of John McCain’s campaign. In 2008 at age 20, Doherty was elected State Representative to serve the towns of Hudson, Litchfield, and Pelham. After a successful first term with 95% attendance and a conservative voting record, he was reelected in 2010 with the largest vote total in the district. During his two terms in the legislature, Doherty served on the Election Law Committee, where he spearheaded legislation to reform the campaign finance system and ensure integrity in our voting system. He also sponsored legislation to bring financial literacy education to every high school student in New Hampshire and successfully passed a bill to name a local bridge in honor fallen Marine Daniel Gionet.

Since leaving the legislature, Doherty has consulted on communications, field, and online strategy for state and local candidates and groups. He has worked as the Communications Director of the New Hampshire Republican Leadership Institute, a steering committee member of Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign, and as communications and social media adviser to Andrew Hemingway’s 2014 campaign for Governor. Doherty has successfully managed three consecutive Executive Council primary victories.

During the 2016 campaign, Doherty assisted the Trump campaign by traveling with surrogates such as the family of Mr. Trump and by driving for the Secret Service motorcades of Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence. In 2016, Doherty also served as a Field Consultant for Chris Sununu’s successful campaign for Governor. During the 2018 campaign cycle, Doherty managed a congressional campaign and consulted on a race for State Senate. In 2019, he coordinated grassroots efforts for Manchester Mayoral candidate Victoria Sullivan and the Manchester Republican team. During the 2020 election cycle, Doherty continued his work assisting the motorcade team of the President and Vice President, along with consulting on campaigns on the federal, state, and county level. He consulted on the successful campaign of Janet Stevens for Executive Council. For the 2022 cycle, Doherty managed the Burns for Congress campaign, winning a highly competitive Republican primary against two better funded opponents.

Doherty is 2010 graduate of Rivier University with a B.A. in Communications. Previously Doherty graduated Pelham High School with honors and was elected as the President of his class. In 2005, Doherty earned the rank of Eagle Scout and was the President of Pelham’s Future Business Leader’s club. With experience in social media management, communication strategy, and design of campaign plans; Shaun Doherty offers a wide array of services to assist your campaign, business, or group.

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